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For those of you who haven’t seen or come across this yet, I thought I’d pass this along.

AS3 Language Reference Air App

I came across that early last month and it has saved me quite a bit of time. If you have AS3 Livedocs as one of your most visited bookmarks, this app brings livedocs to your desktop so you can load it up when you sit down to work on a project and you don’t have to open browsers and wait for pages to load or even be online at all.

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Internet Explorer 7/8 Transition Please?

February 17th was the date all TV’s in the US were supposed to all… something or other… I dont care.  Here’s the new Idea.  If Congress and … friends… in the FCC can mandate a day for you to lose the significantly inferior signal of analog cable, no matter how attached you’ve become to it… get ready… could we add a little sidenote into this legislation saying…

On the Same Day TV’s go Digital, If you have not joined the latter half of your decade by upgrading from Internet Explorer 5/6 to at Least IE7, you will be at risk for the following:

  • PC initiates self-format to erase your whole fail-worthy pc.
  • all social networking & email sites will cancel and ban your account
  • any amount of money currently held in a bank account you check regularly online will be forfeit to web developers and designers who have spent DAYS bent over backwards trying to accomodate and coddle your blatant disregard for the progress of technology by simply clicking “UPDATE NOW,”
  • you will be formatted from the face of the interwebz!!
  • polariods and hard copies of photos of cherished family members will go missing!
  • your car will develop a strange smell that you’ll never be able to put your finger on nor will you be able to ignore it!

I’m no writer nor politicial anything, so I’m sure someone removed from my current irritation can easily remove the hate from this fine, fine piece of legislation.  In the words of St. John Stewart, “Make it so, monkey paw!”


AS3 FishEye Menu Downloadable Class + TweenLite Example

I made the mistake of looking over some of my past blogs.  My god the code I unleashed from this FishEye Menu Example post, how sloppy was that??!  Ah.. late nite coding.. gotta love it.  

At the end of Jan, code hero Jack @ GreenSock released a hot new version of his TweenMax/Lite Tweening masterpiece.  Employing a new ‘plugin’ system for some of the options, it has made things smaller, faster, and more efficient than before.  It’s pretty slick and you should check it out.

So, in honor of his update (more to keep up with said update) I created a FishEye Menu Reusable Class that can be downloaded here @ Google Code.  Keep in mind this is rather in its rough draft “beta” stage… as in, if it breaks your code and formats your harddrive and causes a separation with your significant other… well… thats “beta testing” for you!  It’s pretty solid from the testing I’ve done, but I’m interested in getting feedback and definitely in hearing of any errors you might receive.  

Thats the most exciting thing about releasing code for me; finding out all the ways someone is trying to use my code that I didn’t pre-plan for.  So with that in mind, download the new FishEye Menu class, play around with it, and let me know how it works for you.  There is a second file there with the FLA and a Main class file that calls the FishEyeMenu class.  

I’ve also got another AS3 pair of Classes that I’ll be posting soon… a Waypoint & WaypointList Class for use in AS3 game development.  Should be interesting.  

Check out the Wiki for info on How to use the FishEyeMenu Class.