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For those of you who haven’t seen or come across this yet, I thought I’d pass this along.

AS3 Language Reference Air App

I came across that early last month and it has saved me quite a bit of time. If you have AS3 Livedocs as one of your most visited bookmarks, this app brings livedocs to your desktop so you can load it up when you sit down to work on a project and you don’t have to open browsers and wait for pages to load or even be online at all.

Even better, this actually is the Flex 3.2 Livedocs, so it has all your AS3 docs + all the classes and such for your Flex & Air projects.

Also in the less-useful-but-entertaining Air App category, for those of you who listen to your favorite music in aggregated-playlist form ( Yahoo Radio.. etc.. ), Pandora Desktop Air Player has broken me away from my same-old-playlist mp3 player.. its good. Very good. Unfortunately since it’s harnessing the power of the Music Genome Project it’s geocoded for US Only.

For Web Devs, a Google Analytics Air App… woot.

If you haven’t checked out what Air and/or Flex can do for you… seriously… it rocks for lots of scenarios. If you can code AS3 and you understand how HTML and XML tags work… you can make some pretty useful web/desktop apps.




What Air Apps have you found to help your development/design proccess or to enrich your life in general?

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