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AS3 Starling Tower Defense Tutorial – Part 1 – External File Loading

I’ve finally finished (well… 95%) with my AS3 Starling Game Engine Demo so I can finally start writing tutorials on how you can create a Tower Defense (TD) style game using Starling. Since I have so much info planned, and there’s so much code, and I’m a developer, and I think there’s a vast lack of intermediate/advanced AS3 tutorials on the web, this will probably not be the best tutorial series if you are a beginning coder. None of this stuff is incredibly complex or “expert” or anything, but I’ll probably skip over a lot of the very basics with AS3 in general and Starling in specific. Before you start, feel free to check out the finished product of my AS3 Starling TD Demo. You can also find all of the code used in srcview. Or you can download the whole project zipped up. Or check out the repo on Bitbucket **Updated 8/9/13 added the ZFLoader.as class and commentary since I removed the old posts from my old engine series. If you’re a beginner, I would encourage you to use the resources I myself used to learn both AS3 (over the last 6ish years) and Starling (over the past 2 months): Lee Brimlow’s GotoAndLearn – hands-down one of the best sites that helped me learn AS3 way back. Starling’s Home – has links to tutorials, forums, docs, etc. Starling’s Forums Goals I really want this stressed heavily up front. I am not a designer. My photoshop skills extend about as far as T-Rex arms. I am a developer that loves to dabble in Photoshop. This does not make my dabbles “good.” My lady is the artsy designer type and has not had anything to do with this tutorial series or game demo except to mock my dropshadow/glow SKILLZ! The point […]

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